Autism is a fairly common mental condition that occurs in 1 in 68 children in the U.S. Symptoms are usually first noticed in childhood and generally include difficulties in social interaction and communication along with repetitive behaviors. Within these broad categories of symptoms, a wide range of other symptoms can be present with severity ranging from mild to severe.

Identifying the cause of autism is an area of particular interest to researchers to help better understand the disorder and identify effective treatments. One hypothesis currently being studied at Lake Charles Clinical Trials involves a dietary insufficiency that may contribute to the development of autism. The video below explains more about the Blum Study.

We are enrolling children ages 3-8 for blüm (The Study of a Biologic Medication in Autism), Curemark's Phase III clinical trial of CM-AT for Autism. The 14-week randomized, double-blind Phase III study includes behavioral assessments and monitoring – no blood draws! For more information visit: or call (337) 564-6405 to schedule a screening visit.